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Exactly why Acquire Coral Edge Residences EC At Punggol Field go walking

In the beautiful roof prime backyards in every prevent for the rustic overgrown plants bringing about surrounding beach front, Punggol is really an intriguing blend of the brand new and the outdated, an interesting excitement regarding urbanization among your unusual rural foundation regarding spots un-tampered with by simply modernization.


Punggol 21 Plus is really a advancement plan to provide a brand-new perspective also to revitalize Punggol Brand new Town. Underneath the brand new strategy, Sungei Punggol and Sungei Serangoon, which in turn flank the town, will probably be shut down around create a fresh water river and serve as any water tank. A new Several.2-kilometre long, 20-30-metre wide man-made river will run through the particular est, linking each rivers. There'll be leisure establishments similar to aquatic sports pertaining to water-skiing and canoeing, backyards and recreational areas with sprinting and also riding a bike monitors, beach backyards, cafes pertaining to al-fresco dining along with a sailing tropical isle. You will find the Promenade @ Punggol on the upper seashore entrance, stretches eight.7 kilometer. A built-in waterfront residential and commercial advancement been specifically organized at the town centre, which is constructed for banks of the river. Punggol Key will probably be converted to a tree-lined blvd along with landscaping.

3. Services -- Promenade At Punggol In close proximity to Coral Edge Residences

Promenade At Punggol is simply a small A few moments walk coming from Coral Edge Residences.
Residents can look to quite a few recreational activities over the $16.7 thousand Punggol Promenade. The 5km promenade may url 2 action groups * Punggol Level and Punggol Far east. It can be part of a new 150km route that will permit people to steer, never-ending cycle or walk round the whole island at some point. Your Punggol Promenade is a lengthy public waterfront promenade being an integral people connection in the future Punggol Waterfront Town.

4. Restaurants Around Coral Edge Residences EC

Our own Punggol EC is located inside of lower than 15 minute wander. Numerous renowned food-chains have got commenced business surgical procedures inside of Promenade - Punggol. Dad Leong Fish has set up one more store within Promenade At Punggol. Crab lovers swamp from all over the area to experience a flavor with their sea food foods.

5. Prawning In close proximity to Coral Edge Residences EC

Singapore’s most significant prawning center, Haibin provides popped his or her Third outlet in Promenade @ Punggol. It offers another pastime task that is extremely popular amongst Singaporeans right now.

6. River PARK

Concerning the Park

Its fresh household town is placed to utilize precisely what is still of this attractive establishing. Your river bridging the particular town centre along with the resort promenade are nice inclusions in your blustery open spaces along with sea food restaurants. Your Town Park is really a multi-purpose park located just a couple of minutes’ wander north from the Punggol Town Centre. The traffic-free environment can make it an excellent place for lots associated with leisure and recreational use together
the Punggol River.


Punggol Fresh Town, beneath the Punggol 21 Plus advancement arranging can be gradually turning into among Singapore’s much-loved community. It offers a superior comfort to your everyday living. The Coral Edge Residences, by way of example, will be lower than 5 minutes’ leave behind Punggol Plaza. Addititionally there is the actual approaching Waterway Point, which is one among Singapore’s biggest local community local mall and are ready prior to the Coral Edge Residences EC achieve Big t.E.S.

Punggol Plaza

Inside of 500m away, it makes searching for daily necessities and also cafes just a rock throw away!

Waterway Point

‘Waterway Point’ may be the very first suv waterfront nearby mall to become printed in Singapore. The actual upcoming Shopping Mall is critical addition to the brand new Punggol Waterfront Project

Waterway Point provides a new retail store as well as life style expertise, directed at introducing vibrancy towards the Waterfront Town, that's called your ‘Venice associated with Punggol’. As a result, EC at Punggol is the best EC in Punggol to think about.

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